Amora: Amora are a modern name inspired because of the Portuguese and Spanish term for “love

Amora: Amora are a modern name inspired because of the Portuguese and Spanish term for “love

Aliyah: Aliyah are a name that have Hebrew root, meaning “so you can rise” otherwise “to increase.” They represents a sense of ambition and you will advances, representing a beneficial girl doomed having great achievements.

Aylin: Aylin was today’s term with Turkish origins, signifying “moon halo” otherwise “moon.” This term exudes an enchanting and strange vibe, showing a beneficial girl which have an exciting visibility.

Analia: Analia are a new and you may progressive identity, most likely produced by “Ana” and you may “Lia,” meaning “grace” and you can “weary” correspondingly. It symbolizes a mix of gracefulness and you can fuel.

Amira: Amira are a reputation regarding Arabic provider, signifying “princess” otherwise “chief.” Which identity exudes a royal and strengthening disposition, symbolizing a great girl which have absolute power.

Alaya: Alaya are a modern title, coming from various countries with assorted definitions. This has been on the peace and you can peace, symbolizing a relaxed and you may silent nature.

Arya: Arya was a reputation having Sanskrit origins, signifying “noble” or “respectable.” They represents a beneficial girl which have a strong feeling of dignity and moral stability.

Avril: Avril is actually a modern term off French supply, meaning “e is regarding the spring season and you will symbolizes the fresh beginnings and you can increases.


Aria: Aria was a name out-of Italian provider, signifying “air” or “track.” It melodic term means a beautiful and you can emotive tune, so it is the greatest choice for a child which have a tune in her own center.

Adagio: Adagio is actually an audio label away from Italian resource, discussing a slowly and you can graceful tempo. This term exudes a sense of serenity and you can self-esteem, therefore it is a choice that have graceful properties.

Allegro: Allegro is actually a lively audio name out-of Italian, demonstrating a quick and cheerful speed. It identity symbolizes opportunity and you can vivacity, symbolizing a girl filled with joy and you will zest for lifetime.

Arpeggio: Arpeggio is an audio approach, writing about the playing out of a great chord’s notes for the quick succession. This type of and rhythmical term captures a feeling of development and you can style.

Andante: Andante try an Italian audio name, symbolizing an averagely sluggish speed which have a sense of movement. Which label shows a calm and you will flowing spirit, like a comfortable breeze.

Alegria: Alegria is an effective Language phrase you to definitely means “joy” otherwise “joy.” So it title exudes a pleasing and you can shining disposition, it is therefore the ultimate choice for an effective girl which brings pleasure to help you anybody else.

Adante: Adante try a sounds label, proving a moderately sluggish tempo. Which title reflects a comfortable and you will elegant pace, symbolizing good girl with an elegant and you may authored characteristics.

Armonia: Armonia was a reputation out of Italian supply, meaning “harmony.” Which melodic title represents a well-balanced and you can good nature, it is therefore an alternative filled up with peace and you will unity.

Allegra: Allegra is actually a keen Italian term, signifying “joyful” otherwise “lively Belizian kvinner dating byrГҐer.” So it name embodies exuberance and glee, so it’s an option that brightens people space.

Acorde: Acorde are a Foreign-language phrase one translates to “chord,” a simple consider audio. This specific and rhythmical identity offers a feeling of harmony and you may unity.


Alex: Alex try a preliminary and flexible identity which can be used both for boys and you can girls. It’s a famous moniker to own labels instance Alejandro (male) and you may Alexandra (female), therefore it is an extensively embraced unisex possibilities.

Ariel: Ariel is actually a charming label which have Hebrew origins, definition “lion from Goodness” otherwise “lioness regarding Jesus.” They became a unisex identity once getting promoted from the Disney’s “The tiny Mermaid,” where in fact the main character are a female mermaid called Ariel.

Azul: Azul setting “blue” in the Foreign language, so it is a unique and you will gender-natural alternatives. Title evokes brand new serene beauty of the new blue-sky otherwise the latest vastness of one’s ocean.