I was wading courtesy CIC i am also somewhat confused

I was wading courtesy CIC i am also somewhat confused

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she simply separated their husband home and you will to what we know, it is rather unrealistic you to definitely she will get a canadian invitees visa.

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I was told by specific attorney that it is top one she comes right here on Guest Visa and also have partnered within the Canada right after which apply for support/Advertising from within Canada.

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My better half was a good Canadian as well and i am a Indian but Singapore Pr. We had partnered in the Asia and you can my better half registered to have my Advertising from Canada. While i try not to give which could feel quick(reg ur qs from the relationships and you may filing for Advertising), remember that Canadian Embassy into the Singapore provides one of many slowest handling moments. It needs the typical cuatro-half a year provided all your valuable papers efforts are under control. I had partnered into the 14th oct and you can my hubby applied for my Public relations out of Canada CPC-M toward 23rd out-of October. We recorded my personal medical certificate and the application and you may my Cops certification as soon as my hubby received the brand new support recognition. I got my personal request to submit my passport to have charge with the brand new tenth out-of Feb. So it performed just take all of us regarding the 4 days also.

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it is most of the i’m able to state for now.. if the she has had a split up and you can wants to marry again, there is absolutely no disease in so far as i know and you may agin one however, out-of guidance try , the duty out of facts is found on your. You must evidence so you’re able to CIC that your particular relationships is true so everything you leaading about the wedding is more important..

think of you usually hve to carry out the fresh puerto rican vaimo 30 days it requires cic in order to processes the new support region(ie 1st region ) aside very throughout angel, yr sponsorship got 3 months, wowo this is a great because they want to do alot of monitors..

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Thanks for making the effort to reply. Note that is how little i’m sure. I didn’t realize that when the she lives in Singapore that she’d have to process their particular paperwork thanks to Singapore, i imagined she’d have to implement directly owing to a workplace within the Canada. Anyhow it includes myself a notion. Thank-you!

By the way do you really see your partner in the Canada immediately following you used to be partnered however, did not have their files? I heard individuals claim that once you is married Canada usually not allows you to see your companion in Canada any further.

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1) I couldn’t see your immediately after my spouse applied for Public relations. The truth is since i am an enthusiastic Indian, I’d have to sign up for an effective Visitor’s Visa an such like. I didn’t should apply you to definitely both, due to the fact chances of all of them rejecting it will be higher provided they already know my purposes away from staying around few years. A tourist is meant to be somebody whom “leaves”. Your spouse/fiancee could check out your if she does not require a visa to enter Canada. But nothing manage prevent you from going to their particular when you look at the Singapore whenever you are the Publicity will be processed.

2) You can sign up for Advertising to Canada just regarding the country you stay static in. Commercially I can enjoys applied from Asia, then again every my personal processing might have been over from Asia, and it also could have been a horror to arrive at Asia add my files whenever immediately after which also for submitting my personal passport having visa. Thus its best to exercise regarding the place for which you stand already, in your fiancee’s circumstances it would be Singapore.

3) Make certain all your valuable documentation is actually purchase. My husband and i spent the first 2 days away from marriage filling the latest documents and collating evidence an such like :-(( . How come I underscore this is if you will find things shed, the documents might be sent back to you personally and you also manage have to fill out all of them again and that perform produce after that decrease. And additionally, make certain she submits her scientific certificate also the whole selection of data files.

You would need to fill out everything so you’re able to a good CPC (In my instance it was Mississauga). Once your sponsorship is approved, they’re going to upload their particular number of data files so you’re able to Singapore. On this occasion, pose a question to your fiancee to complete the authorities certification posts demonstrating brand new Support acceptance given that proof. She’d need submit they to Singapore place of work.